About us

In a sea of technology consultancies, Oakbrook stands out.

Client advocacy

We take a fiduciary stance as your advocate. Having grown up in the fiduciary business, we apply that same level of duty to our advocacy on behalf of clients. As a result, we are honest and forthright in our advice even if our ideas are unpopular. We are vendor and solution agnostic because we know that one size does not fit all. In the end, we’d rather you respect us than like us; although, of course, we aim for both.

Experts in execution

Many firms can give you advice; very few can successfully help you implement.

Execution services are a major part of our business and are available whether we’ve helped you make strategic decisions or not. Through decades of hands-on implementation work, we have advised many other clients on buying decisions – experiences which have earned us buying expertise that will redound to your advantage.

Tailored engagements and ideas

Informed by an independent mindset and an understanding of your unique situation and objectives, our approach and recommendations are driven by one consideration only: What will work best for your firm?

We sell nothing “off the shelf” because we have nothing on the shelf; we tailor each engagement to its respective client.

Decades of diverse experience

Working with a diverse set of clients – of all sizes, value propositions, and business models – has earned us experiences and insights of great value to helping solve unique challenges.

Applying these experiences to enhance each client engagement is among the facets of our work we find most fulfilling.